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2024 will be a pivotal year for most church leaders, and it will probably be a pivotal year for your church.

The dust has settled from the Great Resignation (it’s not even a thing anymore). If you made it through the last few years as a church leader, you’re probably in for quite a few more years to come.

So, after years of chaos and heartache for many church leaders, it’s a time to look to the future.

And that's what we'll be doing here on the podcast in January. The following 5 episodes will focus on trends in churchgoer attendance, discipleship, technology, a new kind of megachurch pastor, and more.

Each January, I write a highly anticipated blog post discussing church trends to watch. This year, for the first time ever, we're bringing that blog post to the podcast in a round table discussion with myself, JP Pokluda, and Brie McCullough of Harris Creek Baptist.

We've even made a free team guide that you'll be able to access so you can continue the discussion with your staff and volunteer teams.

The series will also feature conversations from, David Kinnaman, Ryan Burge, Brady Shearer, and John Mark Comer.


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