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William Ury, co-founder of the Harvard Program on Negotiation and one of the world's leading experts on negotiation, coaches leaders on how to fire underperforming staff and handle angry church members. Plus, he shares strategies and tactics he's used negotiating with Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un (and Dennis Rodman), de-escalating nuclear conflict and negotiating peace in the Middle East.

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William Ury's background and expertise (00:03:07)

The impact of Ury's paper on Middle East peace negotiations (00:07:48)

The role of anthropology in negotiation (00:15:53)

Case study: Camp David negotiations (00:19:06)

Reframing positions into Interests (00:33:41)

Averting Nuclear War (00:36:33)

Trump's Victory Speech (00:38:35)

Meeting Dennis Rodman (00:39:32)

Negotiating with Kim Jong Un (00:41:14)

The Framework (00:45:53)

Negotiating with yourself (00:47:02)

Negotiation strategies (00:57:16)

The Third Side (00:57:46)

Leadership and conflict resolution (01:00:30)

Congregational conflict (01:01:54)

Negotiation and compromise (01:03:48)

Conflict in staff management (01:11:26)

Dealing with employee layoffs (01:15:20)

Handling emotionally charged situations (01:16:26)

Negotiating with a president (01:20:03)

Managing conflict in a congregational setting (01:24:40)

Navigating turbulent times in the church (01:32:04)

Negotiation insights (01:34:43)

The role of the church in conflict resolution (01:55:56)



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