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James (JP) Poulter talks about the best and worst-case scenarios for AI in the next decade, practical AI tools you should start using now, and the pastoral implications for AI for every church leader.

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Discussion on the threats of AI (00:05:53)

Ethical considerations in technology development (00:13:21)

Worst Case Scenarios for AI (00:21:57)

Best Case Scenarios for AI (00:25:49)

Perplexity and Beautiful AI (00:29:40)

Comparison of Cloud and ChatGPT (00:32:09)

Training Data and Applications of Language Models (00:35:11)

Conversational AI and its Importance (00:38:50)

Ecclesia's Agenda (00:42:34)

Church's response to AI (00:46:56)

Integration of AI in ministry (00:48:27)

Understanding and using AI responsibly (00:50:07)

Transparency and disclosure with AI usage (00:54:49)

Ethical Use of AI (01:02:01)

Humanizing Tasks with AI (01:03:46)

AI in Church Ministry (01:07:43)

Empowering with AI (01:09:12)

Responsibility and regulation (01:12:47)



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