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Ann Voskamp shares how she went from a blogger who averaged 800 page views a day to a four-time New York Times bestselling author. She breaks down her approach to writing that connects with people, and asks whether women have to be vulnerable to be heard. She and Carey also discuss the pitfalls and hidden costs of fame.

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Fresh Life Church founder and bestselling author, Levi Lusko, talks about the first panic attack he had, what it taught him about himself and leadership, getting out of leading on adrenaline, establishing a new pace and his new book, Last Supper on the Moon.

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Harvard University Professor, TED Talk alumnus and author, Francesca Gino, talks about defusing polarization on your team, the psychology behind the division on the Canadian Truckers movement, why people who disagree with you aren't stupid, control in leadership, and the skills you need on your team to create breakthroughs in leadership.

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Randall S. Garcia is a 33-year-old Millennial who led a multi-million dollar insurance agency at age 25. He's also a podcaster, bi-vocational pastor and has studied under some top leadership coaches. He's also a student at The Art of Leadership Academy. Carey and Randall discuss Randall's journey as a young leader, how he grew so quickly, and they take on you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the why and what of the new Art of Leadership Academy.

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Becoming Minimalist's, Joshua Becker, talks about how he embarked on his journey to minimalism, the surprising impact of decluttering your life, and how a simpler life can lead to a greater sense of realized purpose in your life.

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Ian Morgan Cron returns to the podcast and offers advice to leaders on how to lead in a season where there have been no wins, overcoming the fear many leaders have of truly getting healthy (will they lose the power that made them successful?) and how to write a new story and overcome your old, broken story from your childhood.

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Former lawyer and New York Times bestselling author, Bob Goff, returns for a conversation about why he keeps notes, accumulating 1.8 million words of observation and insights and the value that serves, enabling justice in a hostile world, overcoming personal insecurity he felt as a child, and why he continues to be 'unreasonably' available to the 1 million+ people who have his phone number.

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Philip Yancey grew up in a church culture he describes as white, racist, paranoid fundamentalism. After deconstructing his faith in his late teens, Philip describes how he came back to faith, or found authentic Christianity, and why he loves talking to exvangelicalism. He also talks about how writing has changed, and how to write about your family pain while your family is still living.
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